Il sito inglese Gay Marriage Watch racconta l’avvio dei lavori della Commissione giustizia del Senato dedicati ai matrimoni tra coppie omosessuali.

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Italy: Civil Union/Marriage Equality Bills Advance in Senate
Written by scott on July 3rd, 2013

Overview: Yesterday the Italian Senate Justice Committee met again (they also met last week and the week before) to discuss multiple bills on Marriage Equality and Civil Unions/Partnerships. There are 3 bills in each category. Last week, in a historic move the Senate speaker/president, for the first time, gave them the go ahead to discuss and vote on Civil Marriage as well Civil Unions reminding them that the Corte Costituzionale had given them the ok in 2012, leaving it up to Parliament to pass the statutes creating same-sex unions of their choosing.

The Parliament had ignored that ruling and pretended they didn’t have the right to do so, so they wouldn’t have to deal with the issue. Consequently, on the day France passed Marriage Equality the President of the Constitutional Court, Franco Gallo, excoriated Parliament for ignoring their ruling and admonished them to catch up to the EU. Yesterday, the Senate Justice Committee, took another major step deciding, to split the bills into 2 categories – civil marriage and civil unions/partnerships, and debate them separately.

Hence, Senator Lo Giudice’s marriage bill (bill no. 15) – the broadest of all the marriage bills because it also allows adoption etc… will get equal treatment with all the others. Lo Giudice (Pd) was a longtime President of Arcigay (Italy’s largest and oldest LGBT organization) and is not honorary President.


“The Justice Commission split off the Bills on gay marriage from those on de facto couples. Today debate is continuing on gay marriage “, Tweeted Senator Sergio Lo Giudice (Pd), past President of Arcigay, and author of a Bill for gay marriage.

“It’s excellent news – says Franco Grillini, President of Gaynet – so marriage will be discussed by itself, and it’s a very simple thing: it is proposed to extend to gay couples. We just had ten Prides asking or it [throughout Italy from the Alps to Sicily] “. Nothing against proposals for de facto couples [civil unions], indeed: “but this is not marriage. They are two different things. In Belgium, to start a family, you can choose from six different institutions, from civil marriage to civil unions, to Pacs [civil solidarity pacts]. And they are proposals that can apply to all couples, heterosexual ones too.”

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